Enzo Leep

Enzo Leep
Enzo Leep is undoubtedly one of the most promising Spanish artists. Enzo, has exhibited his Live Act in cities like Berlin, Venezia, Zurich, Barcelona, Bern, Madrid, Moscow or St. Petersburg among others. He has released many songs in labels like Get Physical, Suruba X, Bla Bla or Cyclic to name a few, and Vinyls for Rewire, Heisenberg, Moira, Unknown, Punchis and soon on Hubble Rec. Black Wood Rec. and a few more to be announced.
He has shared projects and productions with great artists such as Adisyn, Medu, Ben Hoo, Coriesu, César Martínez or Tripio X.
Nowadays he runs two labels, Rewire Musik with Medu and focused on a “rustic underground” concept, from a minimalist point of view. And ANOA music, new vinyl label and aka formed by Enzo & Sugata Mika, based on analog and organic music exclusive on vinyl.


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